A weekend retreat of Holotropic Breathwork and
an exploration of the Archetype of Initiation

The Pattern, the Structure and the Energy that informs and
shapes all truly transformative healing processes.

You are invited to join us for a weekend of self exploration using the experiential process of consciousness expansion known as Holotropic Breathwork. This retreat is beiung held at the  historic Parker's Ranch in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains of North Georgia only 15 minutes sounyh of the border of North Carolina. 

In addition to the experiential sessions of Holotropic Breathwork, we will be exploring a subject that has deeply engaged me for over three decades. The process of transition, change and real transformation. This process has gone in and out of cultural awareness since ancient times  but since the pioneering work of historians such as Mircea Eliade and philosophers like Rudolf Otto and psychologists such as C.G.Jung  in the 20th century we have come to a much broader understanding of the role of The Archetype of Initiaion in all healing processes of change. and transition.

Friday August 23 at 7PM through Sunday August 25 at 3 PM
Cost $350  
Location: The Historic Parker Ranch in Clayton Georgia (a little over two hours north of Atlanta and about 2 and a hlf hours south west from Ashville, NC)
Unless you specifically are wanting to spend some time in Ashville, NC, I would recomend that you fly into Atlanta as  flights are more frequemt, less expensive and rental cars are more reasonable. It is an easy drive from the airport although you are better to fly into atlanta in the late moring to avoid the worse of the Atlanta rush hour.  Without traffic delays, it is about 2 to 2.5 hours to the workshop facility.

Lodging needs to be booked directly with the Parker Ranch office.  See thier website below.

The Parker Ranch has also extended the workshop pricing for any of you who would like to spend an extra day or several to visit some of the amazing nature features of this area. There are wonderful waterfalls, rushing mountain rivers and gentle hiking trails as well as the well known Appalachian Trail and the famous wild and scenic Chattooga River. If there is enough interest, we can arrange for a whitewater raft trip down this exciting  pristive river.

Just spending time in nature or what the Japanese call "forest bathing" can have a remarkable restorative on body and soul. So I encourage you to plan at least a couple of extra days if can to take advantage of this luch temperate rail forest (one of only two in the United States.

To register or for more information please contact me at [email protected] or call me at 815-997-3212.

For lodging reservations or information click here for their website.

Lodging pricing for workshop:
$95 per person per night (double occupancy – private bath) – incl breakfast and lunch Sat & Sun
$145 per person per night (single occupancy – private bath) – Incl breakfast and lunch Sat & Sun
$130 per person per night (single occupancy – shared bathroom with another room) - breakfast and lunch Sat & Sun